– Arrival of guests is planned for 04th September 2019.

– The formal opening of the Festival will take place on 05th September 2019. At the ceremonial opening there will be a parade and it is necessary to come in the traditional costumes of the country you represent and bring a flag of the country you represent.

– The festival activities will take place on 05th and 06th September. The schedule of the presentations will be subsequently determined for each delegation, depending on the number of delegated delegations, and you will be informed on it in a timely manner.

– On 07th September 2019 a free whole-day trip will be organized for the guests. The time for the trip will be determined later, when we will have information about the number of participants in the event, about which you will be notified in a timely manner.

– Closing the festival and the final gala dinner will be held on 07th September 2019.

– Departure of guests is planned for 08th September 2019.

Guests who, due to organizing a trip or because of their desire to stay longer in our country, come earlier or stay longer than it was indicated, can stay in the hotel where the Conference will be held at a more favorable price than the regular one.

Each delegation (country) will have a stand to represent souvenirs and materials from the particular country. The participants have to wear traditional costumes. A song, a dance, a melody or a tradition has to be presented. Of course, a good mood is a condition for participation. The singers and the dancers can use music recorded on CDs, memory sticks, etc.

It is NOT a competition for the participants, it will be a competition for the photographers and videographers. The idea is for the photographers to take a lot of photos and the videographers to film a lot of situations. IPA – Bulgarian Section will spread all of them and International commission from IPA members will choose the winners. They will be awarded on the 64th Congress of IPA in October, in Croatia.

Bulgarian Section will invite professionals from the TV to film the event and will disseminate it all over the world. 

Invitation for the Festival is addressed to both IPA members and family members, because the purpose of the event is to involve more people and to celebrate the friendship in festal environment.

Number of participants is not limited.

Deadline for registration is 15th May 2019.

Also we want to organize a competition for the Logo of the Festival – the rules will be spread in January, the dead line will be the end of May and the results will be known in the end of June. The winner will be awarded on the closing ceremony of the festival.

Because of the symbol of police officers – blue line we choose the name of the event to be


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